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Smart Sites for Smart Technology

Starting a business and need a web presence to be on the same step or even one up from your competitors. Maybe you need a refreshed look and feel and your site optimised for the search engine.

What ever the reason, you have landed at the right place. Let me tell you a little about myself. I have worked as a graphic web designer now since 2005 for several companies and am now working as a freelancer, which gives me the opportunity to help small local businesses and to offer competitive prices. I can also help with marketing products such as business cards, brochures and even the company branding for those who are just starting. You can think of me as a Graphic designer with a technical mind,  so while im trying to design you a beautiful layout i’m also thinking of the functionality which needs to be intergrated into that design. In this age of mobile technology we now have what we call responsive web design which rescales and positions the web page to be readable on different mobile devices. Whether you are looking for purely an informational website or a bit more technical database driven website for example client areas, bookings and reservations or e-commerce transactions, I will look into a solution for you.   


website Bespoke websites customised and designed for you. Database driven websites for dynamic information and e-commerce. And content management to update the site yourself. Website design

Graphic Marketing

web page Logo design, Branding, Brochures, Business cards


business web sites If photography is required for products and services, this can be arranged. Professional lighting and camera will be used.